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Amber Najm: Age, Family, Career and Net Worth.

Amber Michelle Wyatt, now Amber Najm, is a veteran who served in the United States Air Force. Interestingly, she is well known for being married to the renowned rap star Faheem Rasheed Najm popularly known as ‘T-pain’.

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Amber Najm Profile

Amber Najm Age

Amber was born in April, 1981 which makes her 40 years old.

Amber Najm Family

Amber is married to the popular rap star,’T-Pain’ and they have been married for about 18 years almost closing in on two decades. They have three children; two boys and a girl. 

Amber Najm Career

Amber is a military veteran. She served in the United States Airforce for about four years. She chose to venture into the business world after her service to her country.

Amber Najm Net Worth

Amber has an estimated net worth of approximately $1 million.



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