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Average Teachers salary In Canada 2022

An average teachers salary in Canada can be high in view of your experience and capabilities. So in the event that you have an energy for teaching, it’s an incredible and well-paying vocation.

Average teachers salary in canada
salaries of teachers in canada

What’s more, it’s also essential to know different variables that decide an educator’s compensation. For instance, the compensation will be founded on:

  • the grade level you fit the bill to educate
  • long stretches of educating experience
  • different capabilities that you might have
  • the district or city where you educate.

Thus, in view of these variables, you can find out about the average teachers salary in Canada. For instance, assuming you have as of late begun teaching, you’ll probably be paid on the lower end of the compensation scale. In any case, assuming that you have over 10 years of involvement, you might be paid on the higher finish of the scale.

The average teacher salary in Canada is $48,166 each year or $24.70 each hour. entry-level positions start at $39,000 each year, while most experienced teachers make up to $76,170 each year.

Average teachers salary in canada by Province

ProvincesStarting SalaryMaximum Salary
Newfoundland and Labrador$53,655​$70,391
Nova Scotia​$55,160$78,728
Prince Edward Island$56,644$81,861
Northwest Territories$86,516$127,282
New Brunswick$53,372​$82,296
British Columbia$53,260 ​$85,761​

It is essential to know what’s included in an average teachers salary in Canada, including base salary in addition to benefits.Many elements decide an average teachers compensation. For the most part, teachers are generously compensated in Canada.

With a passion for teaching, you can secure a well-paying teaching job in Canada.

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