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Barbara Corcoran Biography, Career, Personal Life and Net Worth.

Barbara Corcoran Biography

Corcoran was born the second of ten children into a working-class Irish-Catholic family in Edgewater, New Jersey. Florence, her mother, was a stay-at-home mom. Corcoran’s father, Edwin W. Corcoran Jr., moved from job to job throughout her childhood. Her family had to rely on free food deliveries from a friendly local grocer at times. Corcoran recalls her father as a man who occasionally drank too much and treated her mother with contempt, especially when he’d been drinking. Corcoran struggled in school and was later diagnosed with dyslexia. She started high school at St. Cecilia High School in Englewood after attending a local Catholic elementary school. Corcoran transferred to Leonia High School after failing several courses her freshman year. She graduated with a D.Corcoran earned a degree in education from St. Thomas Aquinas College in 1971, faring better than she had in her previous education.

Barbara Corcoran Career

Barbara Ann Corcoran is an American businesswoman, investor, syndicated columnist, and television personality. She founded The Corcoran Group, a real estate brokerage in New York City, which she sold to NRT for $66 million in 2001 and shortly thereafter exited the company. Corcoran, one of the show’s original “Shark” investors, has appeared in all 13 seasons of ABC’s Shark Tank. She had made 130 deals on the show as of January 2023, the largest of which was a $350,000 investment for 40% of Coverplay. She taught for a year after graduating from college but soon moved on. By the age of 23, she had worked a total of 20 jobs, including a side job renting apartments in New York City. Her boyfriend persuaded her to work for a real estate company while she was a waitress. She wanted to be her own boss, so she co-founded The Corcoran-Simonè with her boyfriend, who loaned her $1,000, in 1973, while working as a receptionist for the Giffuni Brothers’ real estate company in New York City. She divorced her boyfriend seven years later after he announced his intention to marry her secretary, and she went on to found her own firm, The Corcoran Group.

Barbara Corcoran Personal Life

Corcoran lives in Manhattan with her husband, retired Navy captain and former FBI agent Bill Higgins, who served in the Gulf War. In 1988, the couple married. Corcoran gave birth to their son through in vitro fertilization in 1994, using an egg donated by her sister Florence. Later, the couple adopted a daughter. Corcoran suffers from dyslexia and was nicknamed “the dumb kid” by her teachers and classmates. According to Corcoran, the bullying “drove her to work harder and learn the skills she needed to succeed”.

Barbara Corcoran Net Worth

Barbara Corcoran has an estimated net worth of approximately $100 million.



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