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Caroline Lindqvist- All You Need To Know About her

Caroline Lindqvist

 Caroline Lindqvist is a Swedish-American personal trainer.  She came to the limelight after being pregnant with actor Owen Wilson‘s baby. Caroline previously married Ritu Chopra, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. The two separated before Wilson impregnated her. As per the source, Caroline Lindqvist filed for divorce on 29th May 2013.

Caroline Lindqvist: Profile Summary

Full Name Caroline Lindqvist
Famous as Owen Wilson‘s partner
Date of Birth January 1972
Age 49 years old
Profession Personal Trainer
Nationality Swedish
Birth Country Sweden
Gender Identity Female
Marital Status Single
Spouse Ritu Chopra (ex-spouse)
No Of Children Finn Lindqvist Wilson

Caroline Lindqvist was born in January 1972 to her parents in Sweden. She is 49 years old as of 2021. Much is not known about the personal trainer, She only came into the spotlight after her connection with Owen Wilson. Information related to Caroline Lindqvist’s parents, siblings, and educational background has not been made public.

The personal trainer is a very popular physical trainer and has worked as a personal trainer of actors like Leslie MannAnna Kournikova, Jason Schwartzman, and many more.

Caroline Lindqvist’s Relationship With Owen Wilson

Owen hasn’t had luck when it comes to his love life. In 2011, Wilson had his first son Ford with his girlfriend, Jade Duell, but their relationship ended that same year. In 2014, he had his son Finn with Caroline Lindqvist, who is a personal trainer.

Caroline Lindqvist and Owen Wilson met for the first time in 2003 during a party. At that time, Owen was separated from his ex-girlfriend, and he attempted suicide. During that time, Lindqvist was working in real estate in Malibu. 

Owen hired Caroline Lindqvist as his personal trainer, and the couple reconnected in 2007. Their encounters developed into a romantic partnership. Their connection is currently unknown and has created a lot of noise in Hollywood, but they are said to be leading different lives.

The pregnancy was revealed by Star Magazine.

However, When Caroline Lindqvist was carrying Owen’s baby, friends insist that the former couple remain extremely close despite their current status.

‘Owen is very involved with the pregnancy. He isn’t in a relationship with Caroline, nor do they plan to be in one, but he is very supportive of everything,’ a source tells Us Weekly. ‘They see each other and talk often about what they want for the child. Owen is very open-minded about everything and has told Caroline he will do whatever he can.’

In March 2019, they were seen doing a beach workout in Miami. And again in October, they were spotted sharing a kiss while having a meal in New York. The two later also went for a bike ride. It seems they are back together.

She Gave Birth To The Son

The fitness trainer Caroline Lindqvist has given birth to a beautiful son, Finn Lindquist Wilson. Finn was born in 2014 in the United States. He is the second son of Owen and the first of Caroline. Lindquist is taking good care of her son in every possible manner while Wilson is supporting mother and child financially. 

When Caroline Lindqvist’s son, Finn Lindqvist Wilson was three, in 2017, Wilson told Jimmy Kimmel that both his sons were into sports. He said Ford was into karate, so he showed both his sons The Karate Kid, which they loved. Another reason why he showed them the classic film was to teach them respect and discipline.

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Owen also revealed that his boys are not impressed with him being the voice of Lightning McQueen in Cars. In fact, Wilson has a suspicion that they think he’s delusional when he says he’s the Disney character. Wilson’s upset that they’re not more excited about it. “It’s like this is my Fast & Furious. Let’s get some energy going here,” Wilson joked.

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Owen Wilson’s kids must love Disney, anyway, because his son with Caroline Lindqvist was Mickey Mouse for Halloween that year. They showed a photo of him during another appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that same year. Ford was Indiana Jones, and when Finn saw how cool his older brother looked, he said he was now “creepy Mickey Mouse.”

Caroline Lindqvist’s net worth has been reported by some online portals to be around $700,000 as of 2021. She is believed to have accumulated all of her fortunes through her incredible career as a trainer and entrepreneur. As estimated, she makes around $80,000 per annum. 




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