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Check Out, Magi Sadeq, The Beautiful Wife Of Mohammed Salah

Magi Sadeq is the wife of one of the most popular football players in the world and the player has been proving this with a string of stunning performances for his football club. The 29-year-old forward has also been helping his national team of Egypt in various tournaments ever since he came onto the football scene with his goal-scoring prowess. However, despite his exploits on the pitch for both club and country, the football star has been good at keeping his private life a secret from the eyes of the media. Not much is known about Mohammed Salah’s family so we did some digging as usual and came up with some juicy info that we are sure you would love. 

The football player is already married if you were thinking about hooking up with him in your dreams. Mohammed Salah is married to an Egyptian lady and we can guess why the Liverpool frontman fell for her. Salah is known to be a very devoted family man. We are sure that most of you have a high curiosity as to who his wife is since she barely allows herself into the public eye.

  • Who is Mohammed Salah’s wife?

The name of Mohammed Salah’s wife is Magi Sadeq. So far, she has been able to stay out of the limelight as not much is known about her or what she does. Both of her parents were school teachers. She is a twin and her other half is known as Mohab. Magi also has two younger sisters. She is known to be a quiet and calm lady and just like her husband, she is also of the Muslim faith. Whenever she makes a public appearance, she is always seen in her hijab. Magi Sadeq does not have many social media activities. Salah himself does not reveal much on his social media handles apart from pictures of him and his adorable family. 

The two met way back in Egypt in college when they were just teenagers. This means that she has been with Salah even before he became the famous and wealthy man that we know today. Magi has been married to Salah since 2013. She was born in 1994 and is also from the same village of Nagrig where Mohammed Salah was born. At 27 years old, she is just a few years younger than her husband. Magi Sadeq was raised in Egypt and even completed all her education in Egypt. It is said that despite how wealthy they have become, Magi has not forgotten where they come from and she visits Egypt whenever she gets the chance to do so. She is also known to undertake several charitable acts aimed at helping the less privileged in her home nation of Egypt.

Those near the couple know that she has been very supportive of her husband in his football career and we are sure that this is probably the reason behind the football star’s dazzling performances every season. 

Since their marriage in 2013, Magi Sadeq and her husband, Mohammed Salah, have had two daughters. The eldest daughter is named Makah Salah and she was born in London when Mohammed Salah was playing for Chelsea. The younger one is named Kayan Salah and she was born shortly after Liverpool’s daring comeback against Barcelona in 2020. 

There was a false report some few years back that Magi Sadeq had a degree in biotechnology. However, this later turned out to be false. The true owner of the biotechnological degree was her twin sister, Mohab, who also has a degree in commerce.  

  • Conclusion

So there is all that we were able to dig up about the beautiful wife of Mohammed Salah. As you can see, Magi Sadeq has been doing a good job of keeping herself out of the public eye and always staying in the shadows, barely allowing herself to be made a subject of gossip or talk. We can say that Salah is indeed lucky to have her in his life.



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