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Cochrane Insurance: Insurance Types and Contact Details.

Cochrane Insurance is a Montana based insurance agency that believes in serving its customers as well as supporting its local community. Cochrane Insurance has been in active service for more than 30 years. 

Cochrane Insurance has qualified and experienced staff workers attending to clients on a daily basis. Most of such employees have been with the agency for most part of its existence and therefore their experience and knowledge are undisputed. Cochrane Insurance agency positions itself to serve their customers and their needs and also offer the best value possible.

Cochrane Insurance believes in flexibility and therefore have grown into the industrial trends over the years. They have explored and varied their insurance policy options and strive to deal with any technicalities and such issues associated with insurance plans and policies.

Cochrane Insurance is recognized on the popular US consumer website, Trusted Choice Network. They have also been receiving accolades and awards for their service. 

Cochrane Insurance Types and Policies

Cochrane Insurance Agency has three major insurance products which are central to their goals.

The three main insurance policies and plans are;

• Auto Insurance: This type of insurance policy is mainly a contract between the one to be insured and the insurance agency to protect the person’s automobile, the family(if any) and other drivers and road users. This is usually taken up to cover risks mostly involved in an accident.

The main situations coverable under policy include; personal liability in a lawsuit, collision, medical payment, rental reimbursement, towing and road service, bodily injury and comprehensive which covers any damage to or loss of the vehicle.

• Homeowners/ Renters Insurance: This type of insurance policy protects one’s home and belongings from certain risks. A couple of situations covered are destruction of the main structure and other structures such as a garage, replacement of items in one’s home, and personal liability from a lawsuit. Other types of coverage include; flood and earthquake.

• Business Insurance: This type of insurance policy mostly covers risks of financial loss due to certain conditions such as liability due to lawsuits, destruction or loss  of property by flood, theft or fire and employee liability due to wrongful termination of employment, harassment amongst others.

Cochrane Insurance Contact Details/ Location


 (406) 442-6700


 [email protected]


 201 E Lyndale Avenue, Helena

Cochrane Insurance Website and Social Media 


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