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D & D Insurance Agency: Insurance Types and Contact Details.

D & D Insurance Agency Incorporated is an independent insurance agency owned and managed by the couple; Derek and Denise Barnes. They work with a handful of handpicked and carefully scrutinized carriers who aid them in delivering great service to their customers.

They have represented a lot of firms over the years and still do.

D& D insurance agency is in Ferndale, Washington and is very much dedicated to serving the people in the local community.

Their independence allows their customers and prospective customers to have a say in the carrier who tends to their needs. This helps in tailoring the service they provide to suit the needs of customers and clients.

They work with professional and knowledgeable staff or team and adopt a one on one service approach to better connect with clients to serve their best interests.

D & D Insurance Agency Insurance Types and Policies

D & D insurance agency serves customers at both the personal and business levels and therefore have insurance policies and plans to that effect.

Personal Insurance Policies

Some of such policies and plans include; 

• Homeowners Insurance- This insurance policy type typically covers risks associated with the home and other valuable assets in it. A comprehensive plan covers risks of theft, fire, vandalism, personal liability and other such incidents.

• Renters Insurance – This insurance policy covers risks associated with the valuables of people who rent a home or apartment or space. The land or home owner’s policy usually does not cover such assets of renters. 

• Flood Insurance – This insurance policy covers risk of flood damage to assets of the one to be insured in the case of such an event occurring.

• Auto Insurance – This is one of the most sold policies and covers risks associated with the vehicle insured, the owner, road users and other drivers and their vehicles.

• Health Insurance-  This insurance policy covers some health expenses of the one insured.

• Life Insurance – This insurance policy covers the next of kin or family of the one insured in the unfortunate case of death of the insured.

•SR 22- This policy is not necessarily an insurance policy per se but it is signed in order to vouch for a risky driver. 

Other personal insurance policies include;

• Long term care

• Motorcycle Insurance 

• Mobile Home 

• Dental Insurance

• Boat and Watercraft 

• Umbrella 

• Recreational Vehicle 

Business Insurance Policies

Some of such policies include;

• Workers Compensation 

• Group life insurance 

• Professional liability 

• General liability 

• Group health insurance 

• Group dental insurance 

• Commercial Auto Insurance

• Business Owners Policy, etc.

D & D Insurance Agency Contact Details/ Location


D&D Insurance Agency Inc.

5701 Third Avenue

Ferndale, WA 98248

Mailing Address

PO Box 3211

Ferndale, WA 98248


P: 360-392-8159

F: 360-392-8887

D & D Insurance Agency Website and Social Media 


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