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Ginevra Arabia, Michael Easton’s wife

Ginevra Arabia

Ginevra Arabia is a model and also the wife of Michael Easton. Arabia’s husband, Easton Irish-American television actor, writer, and director. He also played Silas in General Hospital. The husband of Nina and father of Ava’s daughter Kiki before being cast as Dr. Finn.

Ginevra Arabia was born in Toronto, Canada but the exact year and date she was born have not been made public. She earned a scholarship to attend York University where she studied Theatre Arts and Acting.

While in Toronto she appeared in independent films, commercials for the likes of Sears and Nokia, and television shows including “La Femme Nikita” and “Sue Thomas F.B. Eye”. In 2003, Ginevra Arabia moved to New York City to attend the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre.

Ginevra Arabia studied acting under the supervision of Ron Stetson, a protégé of Sanford Meisner.

Ginevra Arabia was living in Manhattan with her husband Michael and is currently writing a feature-length screenplay titled “Hunger Pains”. She also hopes to publish a book of her poetry in the near future.

How did Ginevra Arabia and her husband meet? The beautiful couples have not shared any information related to the circumstances under which they meet. However, the couples got married in 2004 in a beautiful ceremony in the presence of their family, friends, and loved ones. The couple has two children: Lilah Bell, born on April 15, 2011, and Jack Boru, born on September 7, 2013.

The couple has been married for about 17 years now and is still happy together with no rumors of divorce or marriage drama.

Ginevra Arabia appeared in several independent films while at York University. She was also in popular commercials for brands like sears and Nokia.

Her television credits include “La Femme Nikita” and “Sue Thomas F.B. Eye.” She is also a well-known model. Most of her work deals with bikini modeling on beachfronts. Her trademark look includes tan skin and long, dark hair.

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Ginevra Arabia’s husband, Easton is a prolific novelist, screenwriter, and director. His 2011 graphic novel trilogy Soul Stealer was a critical success and praised by Ain’t It Cool News as “Graphic Novel of the Year” in 2010. The story, combined with artist Christopher Shy’s visualizations, made a collaborative partnership of words and pictures.

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Easton has also maintained a long friendship with Peter Straub a novelist- who had been a dedicated One Life to Live viewer. The author visited the set in New York and left a copy of Koko in Easton’s mailbox. It was a novel Michael’s mother had loved and which he had been reading to her during her last days of battling cancer. Years later, Easton collaborated with Straub to write the terrifying novel The Green Woman for DC Comics. Easton’s most recent solo novel is Credence, published by Blackwatch Comics.




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