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Hartley Insurance: Insurance Types and Contact Details.

Hartley Insurance Agency is basically a group of professionals that have strove hard to serve customers by providing a wide range of insurance product plans and treat them as they would themselves. 

They have positioned themselves to deliver to each and every client according to their special needs. They have licensed professionals working with notable firms to help deliver such value and promise. Some of such professionals are Stanley Armstrong of CIC and Jennifer Erickson of ACSR.

They have been working towards this goal since 1982.  They also believe an insurance to be a promise which they do not take lightly. Besides their knowledge and licensed professionals, Hartley Insurance Agency has employed a sizeable number of support staff to help achieve their goals. They have a special coverage insurance plan for businesses outside of the United States where they are based.

Hartley Insurance Agency Insurance Types

Hartley Insurance Agency has varied lines of insurance plans and packages. They have four major plans in which they specialize in.

The Four major insurance products include;

• Auto and Homeowners Insurance: Auto insurance is basically a contract where the insured receives an amount of money to help cover losses and the insured is to pay a premium from time to time in exchange. Losses covered include one involving theft, road accidents, vandalism and natural disasters amongst others.

• Home insurance is also a similar type of contract to cover homeowners in the case of losses due to events such as personal liability, fire, natural disasters, etc. Other things covered are the personal belongings and the structure of the building itself.

• Recreational Products Insurance

• Business and Workers Compensation Insurance: This type of insurance policy covers losses caused by situations such as Employee injury, business related accidents, vandalism, theft, fire, business shutdowns, untimely deaths amongst others. 

• Life and Health Insurance: This insurance policy covers the family of the insured in the case of the untimely death of such person.

 Other Insurance Policies

Hartley Insurance Agency has other insurance plans such as;

• Watercraft

• Motorcycle

• Recreational

• Vehicle

• Professional Liability

• Directors & Officers

• Umbrella/Excess

• Liability


• Medicare Advantage

• Long Term Care


Hartley Insurance Contact Details 

Email Contacts

Stan Armstrong

[email protected]

Alexandra Faulkner, Agent

[email protected]

Casey Tindall, Agent

[email protected]

Jennifer Erickson, ACSR

[email protected]

Phone and Fax

208-322-3473 Phone

800-279-3477 Toll Free

208-322-3473 Claims

[email protected]

322-8270 Fax

Stan Armstrong

[email protected]

Hartley Insurance Website and Social Media

Website Address 

Social media 


Hartley Insurance Location 

Hartley Insurance

931 S. Allante Place

Boise ID 83709



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