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Helena Modrzejewska Biography, Personal Life, Career and Death.

Helena Modrzejewska Biography

Helena Modjeska was born on October 12, 1840, in Kraków, Poland.
Modjeska’s parents are unknown.
There is evidence that Helena and her older brother Adolf were the result of an affair between Józefa and a wealthy and influential Polish nobleman named Prince Wadysaw Hieronim Sanguszko. Helena had a younger sister, Josephine, as well as a number of half-brothers from Józefa’s first marriage. Teresa was the primary caregiver for Helena and Josephine.

Helena Modrzejewska Career

Helena Modrzejewska, professionally known as Helena Modjeska, was a Polish actress who specialized in tragic and Shakespearean roles. She was first successful on the Polish stage. She was successful on stage in America and London after emigrating to the United States (despite her poor command of English). She is regarded as the greatest actress in Polish theatre history.

Helena Modrzejewska Death

Modjeska died of Bright’s disease on April 8, 1909, at the age of 68, in Newport Beach, California. Her ashes were transported to Kraków and interred in the Rakowicki Cemetery in the family plot.



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