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Kathryn Chandler: Age, Family, Career and Net Worth .

Kathryn MacQuarrie, now Chandler, is an American actress and writer known for her wonderful skill in animation. She is married to the popular award winning actor, Kyle Chandler.

Kathryn Chandler Profile

Kathryn Chandler Age

Kathryn should be in her 50’s even though her accurate date of birth has not been made privy to the public space.

Kathryn Chandler Family

Kathryn is married to Kyle Chandler and they have been so for more than 20 years. They have two daughters; Sawyer and Sydney. 

Kathryn Chandler Career

Kathryn is also known for her career as an actress and writer. She even has a unique skill and talent for animation.

Kathryn Chandler Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated at $300000 which is mostly due to income she earns from her career.



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