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Kristin Grannis, Jamie Foxx’s on and Off Girlfriend

Kristin Grannis

Kristin Grannis is Jamie Foxx’s on and off Girlfriend. Grannis’ boyfriend Foxx is an American actor, comedian, singer-songwriter, and record producer. Jamie Foxx’s real name is Eric Marlon Bishop. Foxx first told jokes at a comedy club’s open mic night in 1989, after accepting a girlfriend’s dare. When he found that female comedians were often called first to perform, he changed his name to Jamie Foxx, feeling that it was a name ambiguous enough to disallow any biases. He chose his surname as a tribute to the black comedian Redd Foxx. Kristin Grannis has been having an on and off relationship with Foxx.

Kristin Grannis: Profile Summary

Full Name Kristin Grannis
Famous as Girlfriend of Jamie Foxx
Age 44 as of 2021
Date of Birth 1977
Place of Birth United States of American
Zodiac sign Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Children Annalise Bishop

Kristin Grannis is well-known for giving birth to Jamie Foxx’s daughter Annalise. She was born in 1977 in the United States of American but the exact date and place she was born has not been made public. She now receives funds from Jamie. The lady intended to start working in 2017, but no further information about her employment has surfaced since then. She was a PR specialist before getting pregnant.

Because Foxx and her family are private about their personal life, Kristin Grannis’s name was finally disclosed in 2017, despite the fact that their daughter was born in 2009. She was photographed hugging and laughing with her daughter in L.A. Even now, in 2021, there is not much information out there about her relationship with Foxx. This is partially because Foxx doesn’t like public relationships and has therefore been able to keep his private life, private.

Annalise Bishop is 11 years old. She is the second daughter of Foxx, next to his older daughter, Corinne. Annalise Bishop can always be spotted on vacation with her mother and father. Outside of photos taken on vacation and attending a few events with her father, Annalise, like her mother, has been kept out of the limelight.

Grannis and Foxx intended to start a family together, according to the woman’s father, and the actor even wanted to relocate to France to avoid the prying eyes of the media. They did, however, part ways sources disclosed.

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Despite their separation, Kristin and Jamie remain in friendly relations and surround their daughter with love and care.

On Live With Kelly and Ryan in 2018, Foxx stated that her daughter with Kristin Grannis, Annalise played football and was the only girl on the squad. She is the team’s star, according to Foxx. “This year, she’s had three touchdowns (2018). She’s on the verge of winning a championship, “he stated

It was in March 2015 that it was revealed that Foxx and Katie Holmes had been secretly dating for two years. The two had a relationship lasting many years and were spotted together in December 2018 on vacation in Miami.

Before her relationship with Foxx, Holmes was married to actor Tom Cruise, with whom she shares a daughter. It was in 2017 that Kristin Grannis’s father revealed that Foxx’s relationship with Holmes caused some tension between Foxx and his ex. 

“Kristin and Jamie’s relationship has become more tense in the last year because of his other relationships,” he said at the time. “It makes things more complex, especially considering their daughter is old enough to understand what is going on.” 

It’s unclear whether their relationship is deliberately complicated for themselves or for their daughter. Kristin  Grannis and Jamie Foxx may be remaining amicable and spending time together because they are excellent co-parents or because they are attempting to form a family.

Kristin Grannis’s father went on to states that

“There was a time when they talked about being more together than they are, but Jamie’s concern was that it would have to be in Europe,” he said. “He was talking about France, because he didn’t want the paparazzi to be there. He wanted more of a private relationship. But it never happened.”

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Last confirmed by Grannis’s father and the National Enquirer, the 43-year-old is financially dependent on her boyfriend, Foxx.

She quit her job in PR nearly a decade ago when she became pregnant with Bishop. She has not had to work since, as she has been supported by Foxx. Foxx is the sole provider for both Grannis and their daughter, Annalise.

Kristin Grannis’s father once again had comments about the nature of his daughter’s relationship with Foxx. “As soon as Kristin has an income of her own it will give her a degree of independence and Jamie will give her more respect,” he said. 

Foxx prefers private relationships, which is why you don’t hear or see much about him spending time with Grannis.

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“Jamie doesn’t like stepping out in public with Kristin, so he hosts private dinner parties at his Los Angeles mansion. I’m not sure if Katie knows it’s happening,” Kristin Grannis’s father shared in 2018.

The two have managed to remain friends even after their split. In keeping their friendship under wraps and staying out of the public eye, no one can really say if the two are engaged in a romantic relationship.

Even though we found out about who Kristin Grannis was three years ago, this is still all we know about her so far. 




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