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Mey’s Insurance: Insurance Types and Contact Details.

Mey’s Insurance agency started out as a travel agency over 2 decades ago. Sales and business in general was on the downside for them after a couple of years and therefore had to redefine and switch it up on a strategic level. 

Mey’s Insurance, formerly Mey’s Travel and Insurance, refocused their strategy on offering a variety of insurance products and policies including other services such as tax preparation and notary public. Mey’s Insurance services’ positioning strategy involves expediting their service offerings in order to retain their customers and attract prospective ones.

Mey’s Insurance Types and Policies 

Mey’s Insurance offers different kinds of plans and policies suited to varied customers and their needs. They include;

• Auto Insurance: Mey’s Insurance offers specialized insurance policies and plans. They offer insurance policies that cover uncommon risks not covered for in standard markets. Such risks and special situations include personal liability, uninsured motorists, theft, vandalism, tow and roadside assistance, etc.

• Commercial Auto Insurance: This insurance policy is quite similar to the auto insurance plan but applies mostly to commercial vehicles.

• Homeowners Insurance: Mey’s Insurance offers a relatively good coverage deal within this insurance policy type. Homeowners insurance provides coverage under certain conditions and/ or risks such as destruction of the main structure, other peripheral structures not part of the main building like pool houses, theft, vandalism, etc. 

• Renters Insurance: This type of insurance is not very popular and therefore is not as much offered as the other policies. Mey’s offers this policy and considers it very important. 

Renters insurance policy covers risks that could affect property of renters. Such items are usually not covered by insurance packages taken up by landlords and apartment owners.

• Commercial General Liability Insurance: This type of insurance plan or policy covers risks of property damage, bodily harm and other kinds of personal injuries that happens at the premises of business firms. It covers financial losses that the business could incur as a result of such occurrences.

Other Services 

• Tax Preparations 

• Notary Public: This implies a public officer overseeing the signing of documents such as deeds, mortgage documents and estate documents and their legality.

Mey’s Insurance Contact Details

Phone: +1 951-684-0494

[email protected] 

Mey’s Insurance Location 




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