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Michael Marin Rivera: Age, Height, Career , Family and Net Worth.

Trinidad Angelo  Marín Rivera is a television personality and artist known for his relation with the phenomenal singer and songwriter, Jenni Rivera. 

Michael Marin Profile

Michael Marín Age

Michael was born in September, 1991 and should hit 30 by the close of the year 2021.

Michael Marín Height

Micheal’s height is approximately 5ft and 10 inches.

Michael Marín Career

Michael Rivera is well known for his career as a reality television star when he played a role in the television show, ‘The Riveras’ amongst others. He also has a personal and professional interest in displaying his talent and skill as an artist.

Michael Marín Family

Mikey is not married but he has a daughter with his ex-girlfriend, Drea Ibarra. His daughter is just 8 years old and goes by Luna.

Michael Marín Net Worth

Michael Marín’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million.



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