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Norman Kali Age, Career, Nationality, Net Worth and Partner.

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Norman Kali Age

Norman Kali is 43 years old.

Norman Kali Career

Norman Kali is an actor and director. Norman basically started out as a production assistant for a couple of films and television series including Lost in Hollywood. He also helped direct a couple as well. Norman Kali is well known for playing a big part in the popular fantasy film, The Hobbit, in 2013. 

Norman Kali Nationality

Norman Kali is an American.

Norman Kali Net Worth 

Norman Kali has a current net worth estimate of $1.5 million. 

Norman Kali Partner

Norman Kali is married to the the famous Canadian actress, Evangeline Lily, who is known for her important role in Marvel’s Ant man and Avengers. They have been together as a couple since 2010 even though they are not married and have two children.



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