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Paige Hurd Age, Career, Nationality, Net Worth and Parents.

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Paige Hurd Age

Paige Hurd is 29 years old.

Paige Hurd Career

Paige Audrey Marie Hurd is an actress popularly known for her roles in the television sitcom, Everybody hates Chris and the American drama television series, Power. She has featured in other great movies as well.

Paige Hurd Nationality 

Paige Hurd is an African American.

Paige Hurd Net Worth 

Paige Hurd has an estimated net worth of $2 million. 

Paige Hurd Parents 

There has been a lot of questions and rumors about who Paige Hurd’s parents are. There has been rumors about the late rapper, DMX, being her father but that has been denied as he was only her godfather. 

Paige Hurd was brought up by her mother, Cheryl Martin who is the CEO of CMA Entertainment. Her father is African American but his real name has not been made privy to the public media space.



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