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Rossana Maiorca, Enzo Maiorca’s daughter

Rossana Maiorca

Rossana Maiorca is a Freedive and the daughter of Enzo Maiorca. Rossana Maiorca’s father, Enzo was an Italian free diver who held several world freediving records. Born Vincenzo Maiorca on 21 June 1931 in Syracuse, Sicily, he died on 13 November 2016 in the same city.

Rossana Maiorca: Profile Summary

Full Name Rossana Maiorca
Famous as Freedive and the daughter of Enzo Maiorca
Birthday February 23, 1960
Age at time of death 45  years old
place of birth Catania, Italy
Date of Death January 6, 2005
place of death Mestre, Venice, Italy
Zodiac sign Pisces
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Parents Father- William Lancelot Bowles Jr, Mother-  Phylicia Rashad
Siblings  Condola Rashad

Rossana Maiorca (born in 1960 and died on January 7 , 2005 in Mestre , a frazione from the municipality of Venice ) is an Italian freediver. Rossana Maiorca was several times world record holder for freediving immersion . In 1989, she achieved the first single-fin world record in Syracuse .

She is the daughter of the famous Sicilian freediver Enzo Maiorca and the sister of another famous freediver, Patrizia Maiorca . She died in 2005 from cancer at the age of 45.

Rossana Maiorca‘s father Enzo learned to swim at age 4 and soon began to dive, although expressing a great fear of the sea.

Enzo Maiorca, often nicknamed ‘the Lord of the Deep’ due to his numerous depth records. In 1960, Maiorca defeated the Brazilian Amerigo Santarelli 45 metres underwater, to then beat him once again at a rematch, reaching 49 metres. The French Jacques Mayol was also among his many rivals throughout the years, having competed against him the most times for the world record.

 In fact, the friendship and rivalry between Mayol and Maiorca was depicted in the heavily fictionalised 1988 film ‘Le Grand Bleu’ by French director Luc Besson.

 Abandoning competition in 1976, Maiorca later returned to diving, spurred on by his two daughters Patrizia and Rossana (the latter died of cancer in 2005), both involved in the same discipline, and reached his ultimate 101 metre record.

 A devout vegetarian, the record holder announced in an interview that he had given up underwater fishing after declaring the activity, “the killing of a living being mad with fear.” Hence, the environmentalist association Legambiente said of the late champion, “He has not just become a great friend, but a devout environmentalist, ecologist and companion of numerous battles and campaigns in defence of the same seas he has competed in so many times.”

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 Indeed, the great diver over the course of his life has used his sporting celebrity to spread the ‘culture of the sea,’ promoting its safeguarding and raising awareness of current issues, throwing himself into the service of the common good without ever forgetting his roots in Siracusa.

 Following his diving career, Rossana Maiorca‘s father Enzo Maiorca became involved in politics and was elected to the Senate for the Alleanza Nazionale party from 1994 to 1996.

 Enzo Maiorca, born June 21, 1931

  Rossana Maiorca‘s father Enzo Died on Nov. 13, 2016




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