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Sam Tarascio Biography, Career, Personal Life and Net Worth.

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Sam Tarascio Biography

Tarascio, who was born in Vizzini, Sicily, immigrated to Australia when he was five years old and was raised by Sicilian migrant parents in the Melbourne suburb of Werribee. Tarascio released his autobiography, My Way, in 2018.
Tarascio has a property on the Mornington Peninsula where he grows olives and produces extra virgin olive oil. In c. Tarascio’s grandfather, Salvatore (Turi) Tarascio, began the family tradition of olive pressing in Vizzini in 1930.

Sam Tarascio Career

Salvatore “Sam” Tarascio is an Italian-born Australian business magnate. Tarascio owns a commercial and industrial real estate portfolio in Melbourne, including a business park, two distribution sites, a large shopping mall, and a market. Tarascio established Salta Properties, a privately held company, in 1972 after purchasing swampland and constructing a warehouse for Hoechst. Tarascio previously worked in pharmaceutical sales before entering the real estate market.

Sam Tarascio Personal Life

He is married to Christine Tarascio (née Johnson), and they have three children: Sam (born in 1975), Lisa (born in 1977), and David (born in 1981). (b. 1979).
Tarascio’s eldest son, also known as Sam, manages Salta Properties.

Sam Tarascio Net Worth

Sam Tarascio has an estimated net worth of approximately $1.1 billion as per information from Forbes.



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