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Taelyn Leigh West, Chyler Leigh’s daughter

Taelyn Leigh West

Taelyn Leigh West is the daughter of Chyler Leigh and Nathan West. Taelyn Leigh West’s mother Leigh, is an American actress, singer, and model. She is known for portraying Janey Briggs in the comedy film Not Another Teen Movie, Lexie Grey in the ABC medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy, and Alex Danvers in the DC Comics superhero series Supergirl. Taelyn Leigh’s father, West is also an American actor, musician, and singer.

Taelyn Leigh West: Profile Summary

Name Taelyn Leigh West
Famous as daughter of Chyler Leigh and Nathan West
Date of Birth September 2006
Birthplace United States of America
Age (as in 2021) 15 years old
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Parents Chyler Leigh – Mother
Nathan West – Father
Siblings  Anniston Kae West, Noah Wilde West

Born in September 2006, Taelyn Leigh West is the daughter of Chyler Leigh and her husband, Nathan West. As of 2021, she is 15 years old. Taelyn Leigh West is not the only child of his parents. she has two other siblings. They are  Anniston Kae West and Noah Wilde West. Taelyn is the second oldest of his parent’s children.

How did Taelyn Leigh West’s parents meet, fell in love, and get married? While at an audition for a couple for the pilot of an unsuccessful WB series titled Saving Graces, West met Chyler Leigh. They have worked on many projects with each other since, usually portraying couples, including 7th Heaven and Safe Harbor. When on the set of Not Another Teen Movie, West proposed to Leigh.

Taelyn Leigh West’s parents got married on July 20, 2002, in Alaska. They got married in a beautiful ceremony in the presence of their friend, family, and loved ones. The couple has been married for about 18 years and still loved up.

 Leigh and West have three children: Noah Wilde West (Born December 2003), Taelyn Leigh West (born September 2006), and Anniston Kae West (born May 7, 2009).

Taelyn Leigh West’s mother, Leigh has said that she and her husband West have a pact in which the person who guesses the baby’s sex correctly gets to choose the name. When pregnant with Noah, Leigh guessed she was having a boy so she chose the first name and West gave him his middle name. For Taelyn, West correctly guessed it was a girl, so he named her. Their third child, also a girl, was guessed correctly by West.

Taelyn Leigh West is a Christian just like her parents. Her mother, Leigh credits her faith and a “really awesome church” with giving her and her husband “a reason to live”. Taelyn and her family live in Los Angeles but they now split their time between Vancouver and Nashville.

The Grey’s Anatomy star says her experiences as a mom-of-three have left her well-versed in the medical field, beginning with daughter Taelyn Leigh West, who suffers from febrile seizures.

“The first time it happened, I was at home and had no idea what was going on,” Leigh, 28, explains to WebMD Baby. “Most seizures end after a few minutes, but hers went on for 25 minutes.”

After riding in an ambulance to the nearest emergency room, Taelyn was fine.

“It was a virus, and the fever just spiked too high too fast, but it’s scary,” Leigh recalls. “Any time she’s warm, we watch her.”

In 2019, Taelyn Leigh West’s mother, Leigh revealed that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder a decade earlier.

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During mid-2020, Leigh contracted COVID-19 and became ill. Leigh described her experience in an article published to on October 14, 2020:

I lost about a month’s worth of time, laying in bed, waving to my children in the hallway with a mask on so they didn’t see how sick I was from COVID-19. Almost “game-over” sick. The only time I had with my husband was spent six feet apart on our bedroom balcony in the morning for a soul-lifting hour to just be with one another or when he donned his mask coming in the room to take care of me, bravely bringing food and Gatorade (which half the time I wasn’t able to taste). Golden moments in the midst of darkness. I will say I’m incredibly lucky, though. By the grace of God, no one else got sick. And, although there were a few occasions it almost seemed necessary, I didn’t have to go to the hospital. I think getting through a sickness of that magnitude definitely earned me a level up. My body defeated what I thought was impossible and I got a proper restart.

The net worth of Taelyn Leigh West’s mother, Chyler Leigh is estimated to be $6 Million as of 2021, Her father on the other hand also has a net worth of $2 million.

Taelyn Leigh West is still young and in school but most fans are looking forward to seeing her maybe follow the footsteps of his parents.




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