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Tyler Fogerty, John Fogerty’s son

Tyler Fogerty

Tyler Fogerty is the son of John Fogerty. Tyler Fogerty’s father, John is an American musician, singer, and songwriter. Together with Doug Clifford, Stu Cook, and his brother Tom Fogerty, he founded the band Creedence Clearwater Revival, for which he was the lead singer, lead guitarist, and principal songwriter.

Tyler Fogerty : Profile Summary

Name Tyler Fogerty
Famous as son of John Fogerty
Date of Birth 1992
Birthplace United States of America
Age (as in 2021) 29 years old
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Parents John Fogerty – Father
 Julie Lebiedzinski – Mother
Siblings  Shane Fogerty, Kelsy Cameron Fogerty, Lyndsay Fogerty, 
Laurie Fogerty, Josh Fogerty, Sean Fogerty

Born in 1992, Tyler Fogerty is the son of John Fogerty and his wife, Julie Lebiedzinski. As of 2021, Tyler is 29 years old. Tyler’s exact birthday is not known.

Tyler Fogerty is not the only child of his parents. He has 6 other siblings. They are Shane Fogerty, Kelsy Cameron Fogerty, Lyndsay Fogerty, Laurie Fogerty, Josh Fogerty, and Sean Fogerty.

Tyler and his brother Shane are into music just like their famous father. He and his brother have a band named Hearty Har. In an interview with Hollywoodtimes, Shane revealed that he and his younger brother, Tyler Fogerty take nothing for granted. They have worked hard at developing their own voice and have spent a lot of time learning the tools to capture their vision the way they heard it.

After recording what would have been their debut album in 2017, they realized that they needed to take control of the process. Although they tried to convey their artistic vision to the engineers and producers, the songs weren’t coming together with the way they heard them in their heads.

They realized they would have to take some time to learn about production, engineering, and the music business. His big brother Shane decided to join the music program at USC University of Southern California, while Tyler Fogerty studied art and photography at Cal Arts.

A few years later, they were ready to go. Tyler Fogerty and his brother turned their old rehearsal studio at their dad’s house into their new recording studio. They equipped it not only with the latest Pro Tools rig
but also decided to add a couple of two-inch analog tape machines. They already had a nice collection of amps, guitars, and keyboards. Yet something was still missing. Of course – they
needed a real Mellotron! So, they ordered one to make sure they had all the musical colors they were hearing before recording what would be their debut album.

Although the brothers didn’t go right into the music, they learned quite a bit by osmosis. In the interview, Shane said he remembers being in the studio and running around the couch while his father was recording. After begging for their first guitar, they lost interest and left the instrument sitting in their room unplayed, like kids often do. Shane got into skateboarding and Tyler Fogerty into photography. Although they enjoyed both of these activities, they started to feel the pull of music over time.

Can’t Keep Waiting was the first song that Shane wrote and that Tyler co-engineered in their home studio for Radio Astro. The Fogerty brothers grew as writers, producers, and engineers. They reworked some of the initial songs while composing new ones and implementing all the latest techniques they were learning in college.

Tyler likes to do a lot of layering, whereas I like to keep things simple. Sometimes, one works better than the other, but two different approaches give us a lot more artistic choices- Shane revealed.

His elder brother also revealed that Tyler Fogerty love to be experimental in the studio by miking instruments in an unusual manner, processing parts in a weird way, using a vinyl player as a guitar amp, or re-amping it through a vinyl player speaker. Tyler likes to compose in a dark, creepy, alien, voodoo kind of vibe.

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Although Tyler is also a guitarist, he plays more of the synths and keyboards and provides vocals. For live performances, Tyler plays guitar, and Minimoog- Shane revealed during the interview. For now, Tyler and his brother’s focus is on the release of Hearty Har’s debut album Radio Astro.




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