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What is Smite Minecraft? All You Need To Know

Smite Minecraft

What is smite Minecraft? In Minecraft, Smite is an enchantment that can be applied to swords and axes, this will substantially increase the damage a player will do to undead mobs listed under the “undead” category. For example, zombies and skeletons. However, it does not affect any other category.

Minecraft is a world overflowing with violent and lethal undead mobs. Through the application of the Smite enchantment on a sword with an axe, players can easily take the mobs down limiting the damage they can inflict.

So in other words, Smite makes your gameplay easy by increasing your weapon’s ability to inflict more damage per blow. Killing enemies and dangerous mobs can be an ordeal. You know you will win eventually but hitting again and again and wasting time with basic level weapons is not the way of a pro-Minecrafter.

If you are dealing with undead mobs, then smite is substantially better than sharpness. While sharpness V’s max overall damage value is 10, Smite adds 2.5 attack damage for every level. On the Java edition, Smite V will give you 19.5 attack damage to all undead mobs. On the bedrock version, it will increase your attack damage to 20.5 (assuming you are using an otherwise unenchanted diamond sword as a base).

In Minecraft the smite enchantment is fairly straightforward and is used as a buff for the damage dealt. More precisely, smite increases the damage inflicted on the undead mobs. Smite Minecraft enchantment has 5 stages, and it can only be added to swords and axes. After the first stage, each additional level raises the damage by 2.5, which can be fatal.

Smite Minecraft: There are plenty of undead mobs in Minecraft, and it can be easy to forget which ones exactly are considered undead. The list of undead mobs Smite Minecraft works on:

– Skeletons

– Zombies

– Zombie Villagers

– Husks

– Phantoms

– The Drowned

– Zoglins

– Wither

– Wither Skeletons

– Zombie Piglins

– Skeleton Horses

– Zombie Horses

– Strays

Smite Minecraft: Platforms Supported

The ability to acquire and use smite in Minecraft has nothing to do with the platform you are playing from. All platforms support smite. Using smite on different platforms can be different according to the controls.

Platforms Supported
Pocket Edition (PE)
Xbox 360
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Wii U
Windows 10 Edition
Education Edition

Smite Minecraft: How to Use Smite in Minecraft

To make these tedious battles shorter so that you can focus on more competitive and accomplishing tasks. Enchantments like smite are present in the Minecraft universe. Be it a wooden or netherite sword all can be enhanced with smite.

Smite Minecraft: How is smite used in Minecraft? Smite is applied to a sword or ax by using an enchantment table. To craft an enchanting table in Minecraft, players will need 4 blocks of obsidian, 2 diamonds, and a book. The higher your level, the better the enchantments you can get, which is why you might find lower-level attachments earlier on. By putting a bookstore next to the enchanting table with a buffer area of one block, you can also improve your enchantments. You will need to build a complete bookshelf boundary of a total of 15 to reach the best delights.

Smite Minecraft for Killing the Undead Mobs

Mobs are entities inside Minecraft that are mobile. They spawn in various biomes and locations. These are divided into hostile and neutral mobs. As the name suggests, the hostile mobs attack the players when the players are present in their vicinity. 

Some of these hostile mobs are called undead mobs. Staying away from them is very hard and killing them is even harder. More so if you only have basic weapons with no upgrades or enchantments. 

Damage Tables

Irrespective of the primary or secondary weapons in the Java and Bedrock edition, here is the smite damage table. These damages are considered to take effect in an ideal situation of no armor. For damage with the armor on, please check the armor damage table.

Smite Minecraft: Damage in each hit


Weapon Base damage Smite I Smite II Smite III Smite IV Smite V
Wooden sword 4 (6) 6.5 (8.5) 9 (11) 11.5 (13.5) 14 (16) 16.5 (18.5)
Gold sword 4 (6) 6.5 (8.5) 9 (11) 11.5 (13.5) 14 (16) 16.5 (18.5)
Stone sword 5 (7.5) 7.5 (10) 10 (12.5) 12.5 (15) 15 (17.5) 17.5 (20)
Iron sword 6 (9) 8.5 (11.5) 11 (14) 13.5 (16.5) 16 (19) 18.5 (21.5)
Diamond sword 7 (10.5) 9.5 (13) 12 (15.5) 14.5 (18) 17 (20.5) 19.5 (23)
Netherite sword 8 (12) 10.5 (14.5) 13 (17) 15.5 (19.5) 18 (22) 20.5 (24.5)


Weapon Base damage Smite I Smite II Smite III Smite IV Smite V
Wooden axe 7 (10.5) 9.5 (13) 12 (15.5) 14.5 (18) 17 (20.5) 19.5 (23)
Gold axe 7 (10.5) 9.5 (13) 12 (15.5) 14.5 (18) 17 (20.5) 19.5 (23)
Stone axe 9 (13.5) 11.5 (16) 14 (18.5) 16.5 (21) 19 (23.5) 21.5 (26)
Iron axe 9 (13.5) 11.5 (16) 14 (18.5) 16.5 (21) 19 (23.5) 21.5 (26)
Diamond axe 9 (13.5) 11.5 (16) 14 (18.5) 16.5 (21) 19 (23.5) 21.5 (26)
Netherite axe 10 (15) 12.5 (17.5) 15 (20) 17.5 (22.5) 20 (25) 22.5 (27.5)

How to Get Smite Minecraft?

There are three main ways to get Smite in Minecraft.

Smite Minecraft: Command-line

The in-game command to enchant a weapon(sword or axe) with smite in Minecraft is /enchant @p smite <level>. This command works in all the editions of Minecraft. For different levels, type the number of the level required in the brackets. For example, for level III smite enchantment, the command is /enchant @p smite 3.

Smite Minecraft: Anvil

For this, you will require an enchanted book and an anvil. Place the anvil in front, and stand near it. If you are using a PC, then right-click on the anvil to get to the repair menu. Add the weapon and an enchanted book. The level of Smite will depend on the level of the enchanted book.

Smite Minecraft: Enchanting Table

Place the bookshelves around the enchantment table. Open the enchantment table using a right-click in Windows 10. In the slots, add the weapon to be enchanted with lapis lazuli. Choose the smite enchantment type from the available options. You will have a smite enchanted weapon.

How to remove smite in Minecraft?

If it’s Smite, Bane of Arthropods, or Sharpness, you can replace them with each other as you can only have one at a time on a sword.

Sharpness Vs Smite Minecraft: Which is better?

As said earlier, Minecraft is a world overflowing with violent and lethal undead mobs. Through the application of the Smite enchantment on a sword with an axe, players can easily take the mobs down limiting the damage they can inflict. Smite and Sharpness are both incredibly essential enchantments for your main swords since both of them enhance the weapon’s damage. As you already know that you cannot use Smite and Sharpness on a single blade. So, which one of them is better?

We know the damage that Smite does from the table above, now let’s have a look at how sharpness stack up:

Sharpness l: Add on 1 additional damage.

Sharpness ll: Add on 1.5 additional damage.

Sharpness lll: Add on 2 additional damage.

Sharpness lV: Add on 2.5 additional damage.

Sharpness V: Add on 3 additional damage.

From the analysis above, it is clear that smite is more powerful than Sharpness but there is a thing that you should never forget is that you only use Smite on the undead Creatures. In the end, the debate comes to the purpose you want to fulfill. For fighting undead mobs such as the wither, Smite Minecraft is the better option. Fully powered up to level V, Smite can add a whopping 12.5 damage to any weapon of any base damage, and if you have a diamond sword it will be even more effective, and you will be killing mobs without vigorous effort.




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