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Who is Sandra Smith, Glenda cleveland daughter?

Sandra Smith, a daughter of Glenda Cleveland, was born. She explained how her mother’s smoking habits contributed to the catastrophe.

Cleveland, who was born in Mississippi as the ninth child, had always thought that helping those in need was of the utmost importance.
She once more attempted to alert the police when Sandra Smith and Nicole Childress, her daughter and niece, saw a nude adolescent boy running from Dahmer in the early days of 1991.

Cleveland’s niece and daughter attempted to protect him from Dahmer by dialing 911, but they were persuaded to do so when Dahmer claimed the child was his inebriated girlfriend.

Sandra Smith’s Age and Parents

When Sandra Smith was a young child, her parents passed away. Following the premiere of the show, interest in Cleveland’s family increased.
Cleveland’s concerned neighbors called the police to report her missing after not seeing her for a few days. The responding police officers found her lying face down on the floor of her flat.

Cleveland was recognized by the Milwaukee County Board, the Milwaukee Common Council, and the Milwaukee Police Department.

She persisted in raising awareness of the unfair treatment of police officers that resulted in the deaths of innocent bystanders. Cleveland communicated with Konerak’s family as well.

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Sandra smith’s family and husband

Sandra Smith’s children mean that she must have a partner. Glenda reportedly took care of her daughter’s children.

After her mother’s incident, Sandra privatized her life; as a result, there aren’t many details about her personal life available online. She did, however, voice her opinions over the horrible incident.
Sandra and Glenda’s marriage was built on the fact that Glenda had grandchildren through her daughter. The assumption, however, cannot be true because Sandra hasn’t spoken publicly or to the media about her family.

She, her daughter, and her niece reportedly decided to notify the police on May 27, 1991, because of this predisposition and her ongoing vigilance, which was mostly brought on by Dahmer’s more creepy behavior, according to the episode.

The show spends a lot of time talking about her life and relationships. A few months later, it was discovered that Konerak Sinthasomphone, whom Dahmer had claimed to be his 19-year-old companion, was in fact only 14 years old.



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