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 Paul Pogba: Age, Career, Nationality, Net Worth 2022

Paul Pogba is one name that stands out a lot the world of football. The player is one of the most popular midfielders in the world at the moment. Being one of the most expensive players in the world, Paul Pogba has made quite a name for himself in the world of football. Through his skills and talent, he has become one of the highest-paid French footballers in the world. Apart from his talent, Pogba is also well known for flaunting a different hairstyle each week.

Paul Pogba was born on 15th March, 1993 in Lagne-Sur-Marne, France. He is of African descent, tracing his roots to Guinea. His parents were immigrants who moved to France in search of a better life. Paul Pogba has two older twin brothers who were born in Guinea before the family moved to France where Paul was born. His brothers are Mathias Pogba and Florentin Pogba. His brothers are also professional footballers and both have already represented Guinea at the international level. His full given name is Paul Labile Pogba.

Paul Pogba’s father has stated that when he was just 7 years old, Paul told him that he was going to become a football player and represent France. Pogba is said to have been a fan of Arsenal when he was a child even though he now plies his trade for rivals Manchester United.

Paul Pogba’s main position is as a midfielder. He can also be deployed as an attacking midfielder, a defensive midfielder, or a deep playing playmaker. He made his debut in football at age 19 in 2011. Paul Pogba came through the ranks of the Manchester United youth team. His old club in France once accused Manchester United, stating that United had lured the young Pogba away from them for just 90,000 Pounds, which was illegal according to the club regulations. An investigation was conducted into the matter and it turned out that Manchester United had not done anything wrong during the transfer transactions.   

Paul Pogba did not play much first-team football for Manchester United although Sir Alex Ferguson, the manager at the time, had stated that Paul Pogba was the future of the club. Pogba was allowed to make a move to Italian giants, Juventus. It was at Juventus that the world began to take notice of Pogba through his skills and midfield abilities.

After years of proving that he was the hottest midfielder in world football by helping Juventus win several trophies, he made a return back to Manchester United for a world-record fee of $85 million in 2016. This made Paul Pogba the most expensive player in the world at the time. Pogba has since stayed at Manchester United over the years.

On the international side, Paul Pogba plays for the French national team and he was part of the team that took the world cup trophy at the 2018 World Cup tournament in Russia.  

Born on 15th March 1993, Paul Pogba is now 28 years old.

  • Net worth

When you were once the most expensive player in the world, it means that you were taking some big sums of cash as salary as well. Paul Pogba is one of the richest football players in the world right now and probably the richest French football player. The player has been able to amass an estimated personal wealth of $125 million. He earns an estimated $10 million per year at Manchester united.

  • Endorsements

Players like Paul Pogba are never short of endorsement deals because they are very famous worldwide. Advertisers and big brands are always looking for such people to use as a face for their products to attract the followers of such stars in patronizing their products. Paul has an endorsement deal with several big brands in the world.

He has a major endorsement deal with sporting goods giant Adidas, which is worth $31 million over ten years. He also has an endorsement deal with a beverage giant in New York known as PepsiCo. However, the financial details of this deal were not made known.

  • Luxury

Paul Pogba is one of the richest footballers in the world and what that means is that he can afford some of the most expensive vehicles in the world. The Manchester United Midfielder has been seen riding around in some expensive whips such as:

  1. Mercedes GLS 4×4
  2. Rolls Royce Wraith
  3. Lamborghini Aventador
  4. Bentley flying spur
  5. Maserati Quattroporte
  6. Audi RS6 Power R
  7. Chevrolet Camaro
  8. Ferrari 812 Superfast

Pogba is also known for flaunting a new hairstyle every week and his hairstyle was once the focus of blame when his performance for Manchester United dropped. The player also wears expensive diamond-encrusted earrings and owns several expensive watches including a white Richard Mille.

He is also a friend of famous Nigerian musician, Burna Boy and even attended the singer’s birthday party.

  • Family

Paul Pogba is married to Maria Zulay and the couple has a child together. The name of their child is Labile Shakur. 



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