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Zachary Taylor Biography, Career and Death

Zachary Taylor Biography

Zachary Taylor was born on a plantation in Orange County, Virginia, on November 24, 1784.
Taylor was born into a well-known family of plantation owners who relocated to Louisville, Kentucky, from Virginia in the west.
Taylor wed Margaret Mackall Smith in June 1810. The couple had six kids.
Taylor was descended from Isaac Allerton Jr., a colonial trader and the son of Mayflower Pilgrim Isaac Allerton and Fear Brewster, as well as Elder William Brewster, a leader of the Plymouth Colony and a signer of the Mayflower Compact.

Kean O’Hara, an Irish scholar with classical training who founded a school in Middletown, Kentucky, where he studied, was also the father of Theodore O’Hara.

Zachary Taylor Career and Death

From 1849 until his passing in 1850, American military leader Zachary Tatlor presided as the 12th president of the country. Prior to that, Taylor served as a career commander in the US Army, achieving the rank of major general and inspiring the nation with his successes during the Mexican–American War.
He was elected to the White House as a result, despite having nebulous political ideals. As president, keeping the Union together was his major responsibility. The most contentious topic in Congress, slavery, remained unresolved when he passed away sixteen months into his presidency.
Rumors that Taylor had been poisoned by Southerners who supported slavery started to spread almost immediately after his passing, and they continued into the twenty-first century.

With the exception of ratifying the Clayton–Bulwer Treaty, Taylor’s government accomplished nothing before his premature death on July 9, 1850, from a stomach illness.



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