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Douglas Insurance Services: Insurance Types and Contact Details.

Douglas Insurance Services Incorporated is a Pennsylvania based insurance agency. 

Douglas Insurance Services is a multi-company independent insurance agency. You have the freedom to select the finest carrier for your insurance needs as an independent insurance agent.

The fundamental benefit of working with an independent insurance firm is that the client is number one.. The idea is to educate and serve the communities of Sarver and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as well as the entire state of Pennsylvania. 

They attempt to educate the community on the finest solutions for their insurance needs as a result of our independence. They examine their customers’ insurance needs and provide a package that best suits the situation. They position themselves to serve their customers on a one on one based service time.

Douglas Insurance Services Insurance Policies and Plans

Douglas Insurance Services serve a wide range of customers at both the personal and business levels. 

Personal Policies and Plans 

Some of such policies and plans include; 

• Homeowners Insurance- This insurance policy type typically covers risks associated with the home and other valuable assets in it. A comprehensive plan covers risks of theft, fire, vandalism, personal liability and other such incidents. 

• Renters Insurance – This insurance policy covers risks associated with the valuables of people who rent a home or apartment or space. The land or home owner’s policy usually does not cover such assets of renters. 

• Flood Insurance – This insurance policy covers risk of flood damage to assets of the one to be insured in the case of such an event occurring.

• Auto Insurance – This is one of the most sold policies and covers risks associated with the vehicle insured, the owner, road users and other drivers and their vehicles.

• Health Insurance-  This insurance policy covers some health expenses of the one insured.

• Life Insurance – This insurance policy covers the next of kin or family of the one insured in the unfortunate case of death of the insured.

Business Insurance Policies and Plans 

Some of such policies include; 

• Workers Compensation 

• Group life insurance 

• Group health Insurance 

• General Liability 

• Cyber Liability 

• Conmercial Auto Insurance 

• Professional Liability, etc.

Douglas Insurance Services Contact Details/ Location 


Douglas Insurance Services, Inc.

PO Box 125, 615 South Pike Road

Sarver, PA 16055


T: 800-722-9990

P: 724-353-1166

F: 724-295-0655

Douglas Insurance Services Website and Social Media.


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