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Jeffree Star Net Worth.

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Jeffree Star Age

Jeffree Star is 35 years.

Jeffree Star Profile

Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr.,  popularly known as Jeffree Star, is a popular media personality and  makeup artist. He does some blogging as well. He used to have a career in music and songwriting. 

Jeffree Star Career

Jeffrey is an entrepreneur and business person. He owns his own company and deals mostly in cosmetics. He was also popular as a vocalist which was how he started his career. Jeffree has a lot of following on MySpace where he shares his current career as an entrepreneur with photoshoots.
He is also very important on YouTube with a lot of views and from which he makes a lot of income. He has also featured in a couple of movies and shows. He has over 16 million subscribers on YouTube.

Jeffree Star Net Worth

Jeffrey averages an income of $10 million on YouTube annually. He is now worth over $200 million. 




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